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What Surfaces Can We Soft Wash?

Your Roof


Your roof is a huge investment and one you know you will have to make more than once during your home’s life. Bacteria, mold, algae, mildew, and fungi break down your roof shingles or tiles before their time. Getting rid of the destructive ecosystem on your roof can help make your roof last longer.

Exterior Siding


Siding is easily discolored and damaged with pressure washing. We’ve all seen someone end up with tiger stripes on their house. SOS-ASAP’s proven Soft Washing System is strong enough to remove the bacteria, mold, algae, mildew, and fungi but soft enough to preserve the look of your siding. Brick siding can be easily damaged by traditional pressure washing because traditional pressure washing uses such high psi that the mortar can be easily damaged. SOS-ASAP’s proven Soft Washing System easily makes quick work of cleaning the brick and mortar without damaging or eroding the mortar.

Exterior Windows


You would never allow a normal pressure washer near your windows, the chance of cracking them or breaking them is too high. SOS-ASAP’s proven Soft Washing System allows you to get your windows sparkling without any worries.

Wood Fencing


Wooden fencing ages and declines over time. Algae, mold, and mildew just make that happen faster.
Keep your fence looking good and functioning properly for longer by soft washing it clean. SOS-ASAP’s proven Soft Wash System allows you to clean your fence without damaging it by using too much pressure.

Playground Equipment


Sanitize your playground with a quick soft wash and it will last much longer! Deterioration can cause early malfunctions as well as dangers to children. Make sure you are keeping up with the playground by using our soft wash services from SOS-ASAP Houston!

Home Gutter Cleaning


Pressure washers can help you clean your gutters, but the metal used in gutters is so thin it can be easily damaged. SOS-ASAP’s proven Soft Washing System uses a solution at a much lower psi than traditional pressure washing allowing for clean gutters without the worry of damaging them.

Your Awnings

Awnings are so easily torn and damaged, yet they get extremely dirty. SOS-ASAP’s proven Soft Wash System easily cleans your awnings without any risk of ripping or tearing from high pressure.

Your Driveway & Sidewalks

No matter what your driveway is made of it needs to be cleaned. Pressure washing removes the top layer of sediment meaning that each time you pressure wash your driveway you are slowly removing part of it making the need to re-pave your driveway one step closer. SOS-ASAP’s proven Soft Wash System allows you to clean your driveway without the high pressure damaging it. The sidewalk of your home is one of the first things people will notice as they walk up to your door and one of the easiest things to get dirty. SOS-ASAP’s proven Soft Wash System allows you to keep your home looking beautiful without destroying the pavement using pressure washing.

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