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Do you think that your chimney’s crown needs to be repaired or rebuilt? Or do you need to have one of our Certified Technicians out to determine if your chimney is leaking?

ASAP Operators repairs cracks in your crown that cause water leaks which destroy other parts of your fireplace and chimney. If necessary, we can completely replace or rebuild or replace the crown.


To learn more about the chimney sweeping process, view the video below.


What Is A Chimney Crown?

Many people do not realize that modern chimneys actually have a number of components, both internally and externally, that exist to keep a chimney venting properly and protected from the elements and other threats.

The chimney crown is often confused with a chimney top or a chase chase, which we also cover and are included in respective sub-pages of our website.

A chimney crown is the mortar cap at the top of your chimney that protects it from critters, water and debris. A proper chimney crown needs to taper off at the edges so that water wicks away from your chimney and onto your roof.

What Purpose Does A Chimney Crown Serve?

A Crown primarily keeps water out of your chimney. This is very important because water inside your chimney can ultimately be damaging to your home. Water causes brick and mortar to degrade, chimney parts to rust, water damage to floors, ceilings, attics, etc., and creates smells inside the chimney.

Repairing A Chimney’s Crown

If your chimney’s crown is in disrepair, it’s probably because the masonry has begun to crack. This can happen relatively easily and quickly, especially in Houston, with the strong sun and humidity. A cracked chimney crown can allow water to get in between masonry and flue tiles, where it damages already-porous brick, causing all sorts of problems. Water damage via the chimney is to blame for many very expensive and inconvenient home repairs.

CrownCoat Your Crown With Protective Material

It may be that your crown doesn’t need to be rebuilt, but simply needs more protection from the elements. If so, our Certified Technicians can apply a professional waterproofing product known as CrownCoat. This eco-friendly product was designed specifically for use on Chimney Crowns and carries a 15 year warranty when applied by a professional.

In Greater Houston, our chimneys take on a lot of rain so it makes sense to defend your crown to better keep water out ….with CrownCoat! To find out more about the benefits of CrownCoat, please give us a call at 346-27-SWEEP or reach out to us via our convenient appointment request form.

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