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Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius)

In the last twenty years, bed bugs have become a growing problem. They aren’t a new pest in the United States, by any means, but the growth of outbreaks is huge. As of the 1940’s, bed bug extermination had wiped them out in the developed world. The new boom in bed bug population is thanks to pesticide resistance and easier world travel.

Habitat and Diet

Contrary to popular belief, most bed bug species prefer to feed off of other animals (bat bugs, for example, are often mistaken as the common bed bugs). The common bed bug does, however, prefer to feed off of human blood whenever the chance presents itself.bedbug removal company

While you can pick up bed bugs from anywhere (the office, stores, hotels, or the gym), they tend to dwell in warm areas close to the source of their food. Beds and bedrooms usually provide both. They are named ‘bed bugs’ for a reason, after all.


Bed bugs are a bit different than most common pests that are found in Texas. Unlike ants or termites, the damage caused by bed bugs is restricted mainly to their food source.

Bed bug infestations are usually discovered after the pests have begun feeding on someone in the affected home. Usually, they bite in lines of 3-5 bites,¬†in a ‘breakfast, lunch, dinner’ fashion. The bites will leave small welts, and rashes can occur if the person bitten is allergic to the bugs.

One big fear with bed bugs is the thought of passing blood borne illnesses when they feed. Luckily, though, the parasites do not pass diseases to their host.

Other than the welts and itching, bed bugs have been known to stain sheets, beds, and other fabrics. During a feeding, the bug will often release partially digested blood that often leaves stains.

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