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The Eastern Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)

ASAP Operators can help you with squirrel control to remove squirrels from your home or business.

Grey squirrels are larger and bolder than their red counterparts. Eastern Grey Squirrels are found throughout the eastern United States to just west of the Mississippi River and north into Canada. They have been introduced into the western United states and some areas of Canada where they were not previously found. Eastern Grey Squirrels are considered a pest species.

Habitat and Diet

Common Squirrel belly

Sciurus carolinensis

Grey squirrels and Fox squirrels are both active during the day. They feed

primarily on seeds, nuts, cones, plants, insects, and other easy meals. Perhaps these animals are most well known for their tendency to hoard

Perhaps these animals are most well known for their tendency to hoard food through autumn in preparation for the winter months. They tend to bury their food and sniff it out later, so watch for small holes in your yard.



Squirrels may be cute and fluffy, but do not mistake them for a cuddly friend. Being part of the rodent family, a squirrel’s teeth never stop growing and must be constantly filed down by chewing. This can make their teeth sharp and bite very painful.

This also means that they will chew through a lot of things in your home, including but not limited to: wires, garden plants, and siding. Squirrels are also notorious for being infested with ticks or fleas, which can quickly spread to your pets.

Wild Eastern Grey Squirrel

Sciurus carolinensis

Like rodents, squirrels spray their urine and feces and this can cause salmonella infection on contact if not properly disinfected. If you think you may have a rodent infestation click here.

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