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Rats (Rodentia Rattus)

The order Rodentia contains families of rats and mice. The main characteristic of these pests are large perpetually growing incisors. Rodents must constantly gnaw and chew at tough material to keep their teeth short, this can cause damage to your home or business if not addressed. ASAP Operators Rodent Control services can drive the pest out, and keep them out. This article will focus on rats.

Habitat and Diet

Most rats are omnivorous and will eat almost anything when hungry, which can cause major damage when combined with their need to chew. Nocturnal creatures, rats will only forage during the day when under stress. Either due to starvation or the rat’s habitat is disturbed.

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Roof Rat (Rattus rattus)

In Houston we deal primarily deal with Roof Rats. Roof Rats have smaller feet and are usually quicker than their brown counterpart. These rats are often seen walking along fences and power lines, usually to access your structure. These rats are agile jumpers which gives them easy access to the narrow spaces in your home or business.


Efficient long term Rodent Control is not easy. It requires diligent techniques Rats are easily the most destructive pest, especially in urban areas. The rats need to constantly chew means danger for your structure. Wood, plastics, and even some metals aren’t safe from rats. Rats can chew through vents, wires, and drywall, leaving feces in their wake.

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