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The North American Raccoon (Procyon lotor)

Raccoons are, without a doubt, one of the most intelligent pest animals in the Houston area. They can make their way into closed containers, and out of tight spots. Some scientists say that once a raccoon has solved a problem, they can remember the solutions for up to three years! Not only are they intelligent, they’re adaptable as well. This can make raccoon removal time consuming and difficult.

Habitat and Diet

The North American Raccoon is, in fact, native to North America. They can be found as far south as Mexico all the way up to the southern portions of Canada. They have, however, found homes in other parts of the world. Germany, France, Spain, Russia, and even Japan all have large raccoon populations.

Raccoon removal: Baby raccoons

Baby raccoons (Kits)

Typically, raccoons thrive in wooded areas with water access, or on farmlands. However, with expanding cities, and their intelligence and adaptability, raccoons often found in urban and suburban areas.

Their diet is another reason that raccoons seem to thrive in cities and suburbs. They’re not too picky about what they eat and are often shown digging around in trash cans or eating cat food left out overnight. They are omnivores, though, and will eat plants, bugs, and other small mammals.


Raccoons, like opossums, are notorious for digging in trash cans in urban and suburban areas. They often drag the trash around, searching for the best food remaining, and make a huge, general mess. That doesn’t even include the noises late at night while they scavenge in the cans.

While raccoons usually fall more under the ‘nuisance’ side of pests rather than ‘destructive’, they can cause damage to your home. Raccoons will often search for somewhere warm to build a den, and roofs and attics are some of their favorite places. They often cause damage to your roof and attic as they try to find a way inside.

Raccoons do often carry diseases, though. Rabies and salmonella are the two more serious diseases that can be caught from raccoons.

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