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Opossum (Didelphis virginiana)

The Opossum, commonly known as Possum, is the only pouched marsupial mammal that inhabits North America. There are over 100 variations of the Opossum species, making them the largest order of marsupial species in the Western Hemisphere. Opossums can become aggressive in nature if cornered. If you have a problem with keeping them out of your home, contact the professionals at ASAP for Opossum removal and preventative problems to keep them out for good!

Habitat & Diet

The Opossum can survive and thrive in various areas including in urban developments. They tend to burrow in dark places such as under a house, inside of tree holes or in another animal’s den. Opossums are scavengers by nature and are known to raid home trash cans and large dumpsters for whatever scraps they can find. Also included in their diet is nuts, fruit, grass, insects, mice, worms, snakes and much more.

Opossum removal houston

Opossum hiding in an attic


Once opossums enter you home they cause considerable amounts of damage. Opossums burrow their way into air vents, and then get stuck in crawl spaces while trying to find the perfect place to nest. They’ll tear apart any material they can find to use for bedding, no matter what material it is.

As the animal nests in your home, their behavior can be unpredictable. They give off foul odors from their droppings as they commonly defecate quite often. What was once your attic is now their private restroom.

If Opossums are not properly trapped, and removed, from the home, you could be left with a very unpleasant odor from a dead opossum.

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