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What If Your House Insulation Repels Pests?

Your home is your castle and you do a lot to maintain it and keep it clean. What if your house insulation could keep pests out as well as keep it cool? It’s not just an idea, though! ASAP Operators can install pest control insulation in your home!

All Solutions All Pests installs a cellulose insulation product that contains a pest repellent that critters do not like. If they get into it in your attic, then they will want to get out rather than make a nest inside for themselves and their varmint family.Attic Door

The bulk of this pest control insulation product, or about 85% of it, is comprised of recycled materials and we use a local supplier right here in Houston. The pest repellent is mixed into the insulation, which is applied just like conventional insulation. It contains Zone Defense, a pest repellent that is known to kill silverfish, cockroaches and more.

A Green Approach

This insulation makes the home more energy efficient year-round, whether for heating and cooling. Plus, it is made with newspaper and other recycled materials. By installing re-use material to keep your energy usage controlled, you’ve also taken a green approach to pest control.

Our installation operation is quick, clean and easy. We are careful about protecting the interior of your house while moving our crew and equipment in and out. We seal up the attic as our team works inside it. The insulation is pumped up through a long tube and applied in the attic. Once we are done, the team exits without leaving anything else behind.Katherine in the Attic

This project does not take long and it is a quiet operation. Once it’s done, you are left with the peace of mind that you have taken a major step to keeping your house your own. This is money well spent because the insulation serves two purposes: internal climate control and pest control.

Attic Stairway Insulation

The insulation installation doesn’t end with your attic, alone, though. When ASAP installs your pest control insulation, your installation team can install our attic stairway insulator as well.

Not only does the insulation keep any possible pests out of your home, it also helps to lower heating and cooling costs as well. On average, after installation, the surface of our clients’ attic door dropped by 5.6 degrees!

Before and After Attic Door Insulation

Before and After Insulation


For more information, contact All Solutions All Pests at 713-397-4477.

Frequently Asked Questions

The pest control insulation is applied on top of any existing insulation and should fill in gaps in your insulation. The additional insulation should also enhance noise control, keeping more external sounds out, such as road noise.

This product is like any other insulation that stays in your attic and walls where applied.

The insulation only irritates animals that walk through it, which are the critters that typically get into attics, such as squirrels, raccoons, rats, etc. Unless Fido is climbing around in the attic space, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. As for the pesticide’s effects on animals, it irritates the skin and causes itching. This is why any pests or critters that come in contact with it should opt to leave the attic and stay out of your house.

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