Converting Your Fireplace to a Gas Log Fireplace

Gas Log Conversions Houston

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Are you seeking a beautiful fire to gather around? If you do not want to undertake the construction/expense of a new masonry fireplace and chimney, you may want to consider the advantages of either gas logs, a gas fireplace or a gas fireplace insert.

To learn more about the chimney sweeping process, view the video below.


Simply put, gas logs are not known for providing very much heat and are thought to be installed for decorative purposes. Given newer initiatives, today’s gas log options are more attractive, functional and realistic-looking than they have been in the past. 

As to Gas Logs, we recommend Peterson logs both because of their attractive appearance and high quality craftsmanship. Peterson has a great record of quality assurance and is a leader in state of the art manufacturing equipment.

The versatile logs they provide allow the homeowner to burn natural gas or liquid propane in the home. These logs can be ignited manually or a variable flame remote. They also come with vent-free or vented log sets. An added benefit, environmentally, is that these Peterson logs release approx. 100 pounds less pollutants per year than wood burning.

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