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ASAP Operators Chimney Technicians are leak resolution professionals and can resolve the most difficult of water leaks. We’ve been fixing chimney leaks for years, and recognize all the signs and common issues. Unfortunately, many leaks go unnoticed by homeowners until it is too late and damage is already seen within the chimney system, the appliance or the home. For this reason among others, it’s so important to have your system annually inspected by a Certified Chimney Sweep, who can detect the early warning signs of water entry.

Signs of Water Problem Include:

  • Rust streaks on your chimney cap or chase cover
  • Water damaged walls or ceilings
  • Firebox rust or decay
  • Brick Discoloration
  • Musty Smells
  • Presence of Vegetation or Mold

If you’ve noticed any of these things, be sure to call ASAP Operators at 346-27-SWEEP.

Addressing leaks within the chimney system early on can protect you from the Rebuilds and/or expensive repairs that result from excessive and prolonged water damage.

Extend Chimney Life With Professional Waterproofing Services!

Constantly exposed to the elements, unprotected chimneys are susceptible to structural deterioration and discoloration. Because a leaky chimney can be very damaging and problematic, we recommend that our customers take preventative steps to keep water out of their chimney at all times.

Indeed, it’s far better to make the nominal Investment of Professional Waterproofing now rather than pay the piper later [in a big way] due to water-damaged walls, ceilings, and floors. A simple way to ward off water issues is to have a water repellent professionally applied to the chimney exterior. ASAP Operators is pleased to use ChimneySaver, which is trusted in the chimney industry to keep water out for the long haul.

5 Reasons For Chimney Waterproofing

  1. Block water absorption in your brick and mortar
  2. Allow your brick and mortar to “breathe” and release water vapors
  3. Prevent damage that normally occurs following a freeze-thaw cycle
  4. Protect your masonry from unsightly discoloration
  5. Keep your brick and mortar from cracking, spalling, or gapping

About The ChimneySaver Waterproofer We Use

ASAP Operators prefers ChimneySaver to waterproof our customers’ chimneys. This is a breathable waterproofing substance that we spray on to the exterior of the chimney to stop leaks.

It is a water repellent that penetrates masonry to protect it from destructive water penetration. ChimneySaver contains patented materials small enough to penetrate most masonry pores. These form strong bonds with the silica in masonry and concrete.

Due to solid bonding with masonry, one application of ChimneySaver provides up to ten times the water repellent protection of typical sealers. It is 100% breathable and vapor permeable.

It’s water repellent that penetrates and lines masonry pores. Unlike simple sealers, it successfully releases otherwise trapped water vapors and effectively reduces water absorption. This means water vapors escape which helps prevent deterioration, freeze-thaw damage, spalling, and any need for expensive masonry reconstruction.

What If My Chimney’s Already Leaking?

If your chimney is already leaking, you’ll need to have it repaired prior to the application of ChimneySaver. Signs that your chimney is leaking may include a distinctive smell, a dripping noise, rusty fireplace components, and rusty parts atop your chimney.

Watermarks on the ceiling around your chimney are also a dead giveaway that rainwater has gotten inside of your chimney. We most commonly find that chimney leaks originate from rusting flashing or chimney caps, from cracked chimney crowns, or from deteriorated liners. Read more about chimney leak resolution on our page dedicated to the topic.


To learn more about the chimney sweeping process, view the video below.


Call ASAP Chimney Services to preserve the life of your chimney with professional waterproofing services. We are at 346-27-SWEEP or use our appointment request form!

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