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Flashing is the band of sheet metal that surrounds the place where your chimney and roof are connected. It should be designed and installed to create a waterproof barrier; otherwise the flashing can be one of the most problematic areas on a chimney. In fact, when a customer tells us that his or her chimney is leaking, the flashing is one of the very first things we check. Rusty nail holes, loose caulking, inferior materials, and general wear and tear over the years can allow water to leak through flashing. Also, too often, chimney flashing isn’t installed by a professional and the flashing soon begins to leak.

A leaking chimney can spell big trouble, especially if it goes too long undetected or ignored. If you think your chimney may be leaking from the flashing or from another chimney component, call ASAP Chimney Services.

Anatomy Of Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing isn’t a job for the faint of heart. Keeping water out of that critical place where you chimney and roof intersect is best left to someone who understands unique layering techniques.

Quality flashing usually utilizes two layers of flashing, usually made of lead, aluminum, or galvanized steel. Moreover, it’s a great idea to have your chimney flashing redone every time you put a new roof on your house.

Additionally, we add counterflashing which is embedded into mortar joints on the chimney and folded down to cover the step flashing. If there are any tiny openings left, they are sealed with a durable urethane caulk.

However you look at it, it’s imperative that your chimney’s flashing be in superb shape to maintain the integrity of your chimney and to protect your property. Whatever the age of your chimney, you should have a Chimney Technician inspect your flashing during each annual inspection.


To learn more about the chimney sweeping process, view the video below.


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