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If you live in the Houston area and you [or your roofer] think you might have a leaking chimney, call us. Not only do we have camera technology that can get a close look at any component of your chimney system, but we have a full understanding about what the common culprits are when it comes to leaking chimneys.

Why not just use a roofer to repair your chimney? Just as we would never repair a roof, chimneys should not be left to roofers to repair.

By trusting a Certified Chimney Technician to repair or replace your chimney’s leaking components, you will ensure that your chimney will remain waterproof for the long-term. This can save you a whole lot of hassle and headache, as well as a whopper of a home repair bill.

Reasons that Chimneys Leak

There are several possible causes for water leakage including:

  • Lack of a chimney cap. You may be inviting water damage and extra home repair bills without a chimney Cap.
  • Masonry problems: Simply put, bricks and mortar are very vulnerable to the elements. However, because bricks and mortar are porous, cracks in the bricks or mortar can allow water to seep right into the chimney. This can cause aesthetic damage which require that you have bricks replaced. You may also find that this leaking has caused serious problems, and compromised the integrity of your chimney liner.
  • Flashing problems: Flashing is the metal banding that wraps around the part of your chimney that meets with your roof. It’s supposed to keep a watertight seal at this critical joint. Flashing can become faulty for many reasons including poor installation or age. Rusty nail holes in the flashing, for example, can become places for water to gain entry.
  • Cracks in the crown. Your chimney crown is the mortar cap at the very top of your chimney that protects it from water and other offenders. Chimney crowns are designed to wick water down and off of your chimney and onto your roof. A cracked crown may be doing just the opposite.

Possible Solutions For A Leaking Chimney Include:

One of our ASAP Certified chimney technicians can find the best way to keep water out of your chimney moving forward. Our recommendation(s) could include:

  • Repair or rebuild masonry
  • Install cap or cover
  • Repair or replace crown
  • Waterproof porous bricks with a waterproofing solution
  • Repair or rebuild flashing

All chimneys—whether stone, brick, or prefab—require maintenance to keep water out of them. ASAP Operators is happy to advise you about different waterproofing options.

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To learn more about the chimney sweeping process, view the video below.


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