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The Common Grackle (Quiscalus quiscula)

Grackles are a very commonly found bird here in the Greater Houston area, and all through the country. Usually just called ‘blackbirds’, grackles pose a large problem to any home or business. Their intelligence and love for ripening corn makes them a huge pest for farmers and can make it difficult to remove them. ASAP Operators can help you with bird control to remove grackles from your home or business.

Habitat and Diet

The Common Grackle is commonly found in North America. They can be found from the east coast all the way to the Rocky Mountains, and from south Texas to the northern reaches of Canada. They prefer to make their nests in trees, though they can also be found nesting in homes and businesses as well.

Adult Male Grackle

Adult Male Grackle

Common Grackles usually have a varied diet. While they usually eat insects, seeds and plants, minnows and other small fish, they will often eat mice, as well as other small birds. Corn, and grains, offer a quick, and easy meal for grackles. In most cases, though, they find their food through foraging.


At the best of times, Grackles can be considered a nuisance. At the worst of times, though, they can make bird control a drawn out process. With their intelligence and sheer numbers, they pose a serious threat to farmers with corn and grain crops. Flocks of grackles often target crops since they’re an easy food source.

While grackles themselves do not spread any diseases, their nests have been known to house histoplasmosis, a human respiratory disease that can be fatal at times.

Since grackles move in such large flocks, they can prove to be a nuisance in urban areas. Their droppings can be difficult to clean, depending on the size of the flock, and their loud annoying cries can drown out the surrounding noises.

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